Schedule of Events


Thursday November 30th

  • Dawn: Gates open for reenactors.
  • Morning: Camp setup
  • Evening: Overnight bivouac at the sites of the Elkhorn Tavern and Welfley's Knoll as guests of the Pea Ridge National Military Park and AREA. Participants in the bivouac and overland march are permitted to camp at their own private bivouac overlooking the Big Sugar Creek during the reenactment.


Friday December 1st

  • Dawn: 7.2 mile overland hike from the site of the bivouac to the site of the reeneactment.
  • 9 am: Camp opens for schooldays.
  • 2 pm: Camp closes for schooldays. 


Saturday December 2nd

  • 9 am: Camps open
  • 2 pm - 4pm: Battle of the Elkhorn Tavern
  • 5 pm: Camps close
  • 7 pm - who knows: Period correct dance. Music provided by the Camp Followers Band
  • 10 pm: Taps


Sunday December 3rd

  • 9 am: Camps open to the public
  • 10 am: Period-correct church service.
  • 1 pm: Battle of Welfley's Knoll
  • 4 pm: Camps close to the public
  • Midnight: Camps close